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Experience the magic of turning your ideas into captivating moving images as I offer a wide range of expertise in
editing, shooting, sound recording and 2D-graphic animations, ready to collaborate with artists, TV production companies, organizations and visionaries alike from anywhere in the world.

My Service

Hourly, project based or long term. My service is available in german and english.

1. Videoproduction

I produce videos of any kind - from videojournalism, reports, documentations to events and artwork. After discussing the conception and storyboard, I also help you with finding the optimal set-up for your production from contacting rentals for equipment, getting in touch with assistants to shooting on set and preparing everything for postproduction. I also have my own camera equipment and recording equipment: a LUMIX GH5, currently BLACK MAGIC 4k, a tripod, TASCAM for soundrecording, hand-held microphone, headlight and microphone to put on camera

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3. Research

I offer researches for your projects. Due to my journalism studies, where I learned the essential skillset for researching, writing and producing content, I know what is important to ensure quality. Either if it is general information adding to a certain story, finding the optimal set-up for a production including equipment, requisites and location or in general upcoming interviews or events you need preparation for - you name it. 

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2. Postproduction

I assist you before, during and after a shoot to discuss everything prior to the postproduction for optimal results - I offer an all in one service, including editing, colourgrading, 2D-Animations and soundengineering - no matter which type of videocontent you pursue, I help you with shaping your ideas and bring them into reality. I have my own laptop for editing. I can work remote, on set or stationary in an editors suite. I mainly work with Premiere Pro.

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4. Storytelling

I offer you writing storyboards for various productions for TV, movies, creative projects, content for social media, articles or other projects.
There is no limitation for me.

5. Interviews

I assist you right from the beginning with finding interesting stories to tell and people to interview in combination with preparing and conducting the interview on or off-record and afterwards giving you the transcription via audio- and/or textfile.

6. Assistance

Thanks to the many jobs I already did, I gained profound jobexperience as camera- or soundassistance - I offer my assistance before and during your production on set with camera, lightning, sound, editing, writing and other individual support as your project requires.

What I charge

Due to the unique requirements my clients have and the versatile tasks, my prices are calculated individually.
Get in touch with me to discuss everything and to get a quick overview what my service for you can cost.

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Contact me

For inquiries, questions and feedback

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