My name is Meri Väyrynen

My vision

With my craft, I want to inspire and create
for and with the world. 

I am a freelance videojournalist, videographer and video editor based in Munich

ready to bring your storytelling vison to life through engaging and captivating visual content.

Either if it is through my personality, my passion or my practical abilities - the most important for me,
is to make things visible and to bring them out to the people in the world. That's why my passion is a
powerful tool to shed light onto everything that has to be seen and to be felt.

About my service

With a degree in journalism and versatile experience in producing and editing videos for TV and Social Media,
collaborating with companies, organizations, artists and other individuals, I offer flexible assistance in
researching, conceptualizing, videoproducing and editing to bring your unique visions to life.

Contact me today to plan your next project together.

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Social Media

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About me

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