Animal Action

Here you find some information about animal rights activism and my videos on YouTube / Instagram to get an insight into my activism.

Animal Rights Activism

First of all: if you are not vegan by now, please show compassion and end the injustice towards innocent sentient beings on your behalf and be vegan.
: if you are already vegan and are not active yet, please consider to do activism for the animals. You might not finance or contribute otherwise to animal cruelty any longer but to really reach the vegan world and animal liberation fast, we all must come together to stand in solidarity and be actively on the streets, in the media and other facilities for the animals and their rights. >>>> Click here to find out more about "Why we need animal liberation" and information about ways to get active! BE BOLD! Have fun scrolling through my content.

YouTube Videos

Disruptive activism is a powerful, quick and mostly "easy" way to actively disturb the daily life of the major society to spread awareness about injustice that is happening in the very moment. Either if it is with a megaphone or solely with your voice, with signs, speakers, screens or clothing that enhances your message for the animals: every place is suitable for disruptive activism to reach out to the public. The massive injustice happening towards animals should be something that is present everywhere, something that everyone talks about and eventually acts on it. The Status quo has to be questioned and reformed for the sake of justice and peace. Disruptions give people the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and to question their habits. And more so this form of activism gives presence to the billions of animals suffering right now due to humans deeds - and hopefully the last bit of input to finally be vegan for the innocent. If you every find yourself in doubt, ask yourself: what is holding you back? No matter what it is, surely: standing up for truth and justice is right, everywhere and everytime. You can do it! For the animals!

The power of social media in the digital age: to share your activism for animals might inspire others and ignite their courage to do the same. Don't be shy to spread the message and your unique approach to help animals reach their liberation from discrimination, violence and oppression via social media.

Get inspired and have a look on our actions for the animals below. BE BOLD, SPEAK AND STAND UP NO MATTER WHERE!

Instagram Videos

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels