Animal Liberation Now!

One struggle. One fight.
Human, freedom, animal rights.

About That Crazy Vegan

I've been called crazy many times just for demanding a world, where no one should suffer, be abused or get murdered. I own this craziness now, 100%. Since I can not be quiet while injustice is happening, I'm quick in talking, confronting and questioning the status quo. The fight for animal rights is the most important thing for me. But really: What is "being crazy"In a world, where the real "craziness" is labeled and seen as normal? Is it really that crazy to demand justice for everyone? Not only for humans? No, it should be normal to fight for justice no matter the species and other attributes that make us unique the way we are.

Until animals are not free - no one is free.

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Why I am vegan

What animals have to endure on this earth is beyond evilness and pure hell. Imagine yourselves in captivity. Imagine your only purpose is to serve another species. Imagine you are abused, tortured and murdered. Imagine you witness cruelty and violence towards your family and friends. Just imagine. The only way to protect animals and their rights is to be vegan. Why aren’t you vegan yet?

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