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"(ER)LEBENS(VER)LUST" YouTube-Premiere!

At a time when Corona had the world in its grip, "Die Städtischen" have big plans. In October 2020, it all started with an idea by young artist Anna. Her friend told her about the munich-based collective of young interdisciplinary artists. She inspired the collective with her idea and they developed it further together. Within a very short time, more than 60 people decided to revive the summer of 2021 with art, all in Munich's public space. The result: a three-part event series with lyrical art, dance theater and live acts.

How do we process loss and feelings of loneliness in a society that seems primarily to repress or ignore these feelings instead of expressing them, especially in front of others?

"(ER)LEBENS(VER)LUST" gave artists a platform to address and present these feelings in their very own way - and all done in a low-threshold way and for free for the audience. The special thing about it was that it worked despite strict contact restrictions and already difficult access to art and cultural offerings due to the consequences of the corona protection measures.

I documented the series of events by film and met up with Anna after the cultural series to reflect back on the time and to talk about "Die Städtischen", the experiences and challenges during the planning last summer. A demanding yet so rewarding project for the collective and moreover for all who were involved.

On June 23, 2022, the premiere of the documentary was celebrated already by the style of "Die Städtische", in the public space of Munich. Around 40 people were part of this beautiful and meaningful evening, where a few people from the team also participated in a Q&A session afterwards. The evening ended with a small aftershow party.

A huge shoutout to all the people, artists and organizers who made last summer so unforgettable! And thank you to everyone for this very special premiere event. It meant so much to me.

Title: "(ER)LEBENS(VER)LUST", 89 min.
YouTube-Premiere: 10th September, 7pm

A production by Meri Väyrynen in collaboration with "Die Städtischen" (Kollektivis e.V.) // A project funded by JugendKulturWerk München, KJR München and Kulturreferat München.

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